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Swimmer Development Technique & Videoing

Coaching poolside will often highlight areas of improvement in any swimmer’s technique and development. These are also sometimes visible to parents in the balcony overlooking the swimmer, but are not often fully understood by the swimmer in the water. To help the swimmer visualise and understand what the coach can see during the training sessions, Swindon Dolphin runs video analysis sessions for Performance, National Youth & Age, Regional Youth and Regional Age squads. The video sessions cover the following :

  • Front/rear view of the swimmer from above the water.
  • Front/rear view of the swimmer from under the water.
  • Side view of the swimmer from under the water.

The swimmer’s first response when viewing themselves on video is often “do I really swim like that ?” or “I didn’t realise I did that !” – which are testaments to the benefits of videoing and its use for swimmer development. The swimmers videos are available on the clubs website and are password protected so only the individual swimmer and their coaches can view their videos.

To view your video session, please click on your squad below and then select your name from the next page. You will be required to enter your password to view your own videos.

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