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Teaching ~ Internal Club Competitions – what you need to know

Issue Sept 2006

Internal Competitons’s

Swindon Dolphin ASC holds two competitions each year for Small Pool swimmers, usually at the Link Centre 25m pool. The first competition of the season is the Trophy Gala, usually held in October, where swimmers are rewarded with medals and trophies for each age group for both male and female entrants. The second competition is the Novice Progress Gala usually held in February, where each swimmers’ progress is evaluated by the times they swim for each event. Both competitions are very important stages of development for all small pool swimmers and therefore, participation in these events are strongly encouraged.

We also run our Annual Club Championships during September at the Link Centre. This is open to all club members and there are 25m events specifically for Learn to Swim. Medals and trophies are awarded to the winners and there is also the chance to break records!

Swimming kit needed for Competition’s

All swimmers need to bring a towel, Dolphin yellow T-shirt, black tracksuit bottoms or shorts, indoor trainers and a drinks bottle and not forgetting their costume!  Swimmers are also expected to wear their Dolphin swimming hat.

Who will help my child during a Competition ?

There will be a team coach, who the swimmer will know, at the start of the race to assist the swimmer by the starting blocks and a lane helper at the finish to help them once they complete the race.

Swimmers cannot dive unless they have completed their Competitive Start Award, without which they will be asked to start in the water.

There is a Team Manager allocated to both the male and female swimmers and where possible, a Team Manager for age groups; i.e. under 8’s, 9-10’s, 11 upwards, who will be responsible for getting the swimmers to the lane end in time. Do not be offended if your child is asked to stay poolside and you will be called if they are distressed.

Parents are not permitted to enter the poolside unless they have been requested to do so.

These competitions are a stepping-stone towards your child’s future level of achievement in swimming and as such are an important part of their personal swimming development.

Our aim is to develop competitive swimmers to their full potential, to compete at the top level in county, regional, national and international competitions.