Swindon Dolphin and Swim21 in 2015/16

Swim21 accreditation is the ASA’s recognised kitemark for the development of effective, ethical and sustainable affiliated clubs.

The opportunity to gain Swim21 accreditation is available to all clubs, across any aquatic discipline (including Masters), regardless of size and activity delivered.  Swim21 is about creating the best possible swimming experience for all and raising the quality of aquatics provision across all areas.

Achieving Swim21 accreditation also offers national recognition that we provide a quality service for all members, recognised by Sport England, through receiving the Clubmark status.  Clubmark is widely recognised by potential funders, schools and other partners who can assist us with club growth and development.

In May 2013, Swim21 changed to a three module system as follows:-

·         Swim21 Club Essential

·         Swim21 Club Network

·         Swim21 Performance Environment

In 2015, we applied for accreditation at the Swim21 Club Essential level and in April 2015 the ASA awarded this to the club.

Swim21 Club Essential is a key module which will support the club to grow membership, develop our volunteers and ensure the sustainability of activity in line with the objectives of the club.

For more information relating to the Swim21 accreditation scheme please visit http://www.swimming.org/asa/clubs-and-members/swim21-accreditation/

Well done to all those who worked hard to gain new and additional qualifications, improve administration systems and to the swimmers who gained entry into county, regional and national championships, all of which helped to achieve this award.