Constitution ~ SDP001

These rules have been approved by Wiltshire ASA at the October 2011 Executive Meeting.


1.1 The club shall be called the “Swindon Dolphin Amateur Swimming Club”.

1.2 The club’s aims shall be to teach and encourage the sport of swimming and water polo. The object of the club shall be the objects of the Amateur Swimming Association and in particular in the furtherance of these objects.

1.3 The club is committed to treat everyone equally within the context of their activity, regardless of sex, ethnic origin, religion, disability or political persuasion.

1.4 The club believes that the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility and that all children and young people have a right to have fun, be safe and be protected from harm.

1.5 The club shall be affiliated to the ASA South West Region (and shall adopt and conform to the rules of such association)

1.6 The business and affairs of the club shall at all times be conducted in accordance with the laws and technical rules of the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA Laws) and in particular:

1.6.1 All competing members shall be eligible as defined in ASA laws

1.6.2 The club shall in accordance with ASA laws comply with the ASA child protection procedures.

1.6.3 Club members shall in accordance with ASA laws comply with the ASA child protection procedures


2.1 The affairs of the club shall be managed by the club committee who can co-opt additional members or appoint sub-committees to advise and recommend on particular matters to the club committee. Voting rights of sub-committees and co-opted members to be defined at the time of appointment.

2.2 The club committee shall be composed of : –

a ) The club officers. President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary, Membership Secretary, Social Secretary, Fixture Secretary, Welfare Officer, Water polo Secretary, Health and Safety Officer, and Club captain.

b ) The Chief coach.

c ) The Vice President.

d ) Life Members.

e ) Twelve other members.

2.3 The appointment of the club committee members shall be by the following methods :

a ) Club officers shall be elected at the annual general meeting ( AGM ). Current officers must seek  re-election.

b ) The club committee shall appoint the Chief coach

c ) The Vice President can be appointed by the club committee in recognition for generous patronage etc.

d ) Life Members to recognise exceptional service etc. shall be nominated at the club committee meeting prior to the AGM and if approved submitted to the AGM for election.

e ) Twelve other members shall be elected at the AGM. Current members must seek re-election.

2.4 All elected club committee members shall have full voting rights. The President or Chairman shall approach club committee members absenting themselves from three consecutive meetings without prior apology with regard to their intentions.

Note.  It is usual for the Management Committee to meet monthly with the exception of August. There are also a number of  Sub Committees, formed from Committee members and co-opted members, who meet as and when required. Elected club members only have full voting rights, others who attend meetings e.g. life members, nominated members and co opted members do not.


3.1 The AGM shall be held in October of each year.

3.2 Thirty days prior to the AGM the secretary shall :

a ) Give notice of the AGM on the notice board.

b ) Provide nomination forms for club officers.

c ) Provide nomination forms for committee members.

The nomination forms must be returned to the Club Secretary fifteen days prior to the AGM.

3.3 If there is only one nomination for an officer’s post, that nominee shall be deemed elected. If there are less than twelve nominations for committee members further nominations will be accepted at the AGM.

3.4 Voting shall be made on ballot papers issued at the AGM. When voting for committee members any number up to twelve can be chosen.

3.5 All members present over the age of fourteen years are entitled to vote. A non-member parent present may use the vote of an under age member. It is not necessary for the under age member to be present.

3.6 If the elected committee does not include the parent of a small pool swimmer, the meeting shall appoint such a person to the committee.

3.7 Voting on resolutions at the Annual General Meeting and any Special General Meeting  shall be passed by simple majority, in the event of  an equality of votes the Chairman shall have a casting or additional vote.


4.1 The committee reserves the right to refuse membership.

4.2 New applicants will go on to a holding list priority on first come first served first served basis according to standard of ability as vacancies occur after January 1st.

4.3 Any member wishing to resign membership of the club must give to the Club Secretary and or Membership Secretary written notice of their resignation. A member’s resignation shall only take effect when this has been complied with.

4.4 All persons who assist in any way with the clubs activities shall become members of the club and hence the ASA and the relevant ASA membership fee shall be paid. Assisting with the clubs activities shall include but not be restricted to, administrators, associate members, voluntary and professional instructors, teachers, coaches, committee members, life members, officers, patrons, presidents, vice presidents, technical officials and temporary members.


5.1 The annual membership and training subscriptions for the next year, commencing 1st January shall be agreed at the AGM.

5.2 The first subscriptions are due by the 1st of January each year but may be paid immediately after the AGM. Subscriptions may also be staggered through the year as agreed at the AGM.

5.3 Any member whose subscription is unpaid by the date falling 30 days after the due date for payment may be suspended by the committee from some or all of the club activities from a date to be determined by the committee and until such payment is made.


6.1 An audited statement of accounts shall be prepared by the treasurer and presented by him / her at the AGM

6.2 Members wishing to claim for expenses shall where practical, give notice to enable the club committee to decide before the event the amount of expenses that will be met.

6.3 In the event of dissolution, the fund remaining will be devoted to aims similar to those of the club as decided by the club committee and approved.


7.1 Any member who has a suggestion or complaint to make shall put it in writing to the club secretary or club captain for discussion at the next club committee meeting.


8.1 Inappropriate conduct shall be reported to in the first case the responsible adult (i.e. coach / committee member) in charge of the activity being done. Persistent/serious breaches of conduct shall be reported to the chair of the Disciplinary Sub Committee (DSC) who is responsible for club discipline (see SDP009).

8.2 The Disciplinary Sub Committee shall consist of 4 elected members as defined in the Swindon Dolphin Disciplinary Policy SDP009.

8.4 A parent or guardian may accompany any member under the age of 16 years brought before the disciplinary committee.

8.5 The committee shall have the power to expel a member when in its opinion; it would not be in the interest of the club for him to remain a member.

8.6 The officers of the club (or any person to whom the committee shall delegate this power) may temporarily suspend or exclude a member from particular training sessions and /or wider club activities, when in their opinion such action is in the interest of the club. Where such action is taken the complaint will thereafter be dealt with in accordance with the guidelines 8.1 to 8.4 and shall follow ASA guidelines in dealing with internal club disputes.


9.1 By virtue of the affiliation of the club to the ASA South West Region the club and all members of the club acknowledge that they are subject to the laws and rules of the ASA South West Region, Wiltshire ASA, the Amateur Swimming Association ( to include the ASA/IOS code of ethics), the British Swimming conditions and rules ( to include in particular the British Swimming doping controls and protocols and British Swimming Disciplinary code ) and FINA the world governing body for the sport of swimming in all its disciplines ( together the governing body rules ).

9.2 Should any law be altered by the ASA, Western Region or Wiltshire ASA then the club committee shall be empowered to alter the club rules to conform.

9.3 The rules may be altered by resolution at an Annual or Special General Meeting provided that the resolution is carried by at least two thirds of members present and entitled to vote at the General Meeting. No amendment to the rules shall become effective until such amendment shall have been submitted to and validated by the Wilshire County ASA.


10.1 A Special General Meeting may be called at any time by the Committee. A Special General Meeting shall be called by the secretary within 28 days of receipt by him of a requisition in writing signed by not less than one tenth in number  of members entitled to vote at a General Meeting stating the purposes for which the meeting is required and the resolutions proposed.