2017 UK Training Camp Weymouth – daily blog

PLEASE NOTE : The following blog is unscripted and written by the swimmers

Day 1#Save Morgan from the sicky bin!
by Morgan, Livvy Go, Livvy Gr, Lucy, Caitlin, Emilie, Madeleine, Aimee, Erin, Mackenzie and Cerys.

It was a long drive down, as we annoyed the hell out of Andy. Emilie has lost her voice, after trying to sing on the bus (it did not sound great). Dinner made us feel a bit ill (hard fish fingers). Livvy continued to be a slob, leaving her stuff around the room, while Maddie and Aimee’s was spotless (with a washing line). Livvy Gray, Morgan, Cailtin, Emilie and Mack decided to run into the sea fully clothed.

Lucy organized all the gatherings on the top bunk, while Cerys continued to “borrow” everyones sweats. Erin is the mum of the group, silently bossing everyone around.

Some gross boy (who shall remain nameless) farted on the bus and made Morgan throw up everywhere. She was then made to get her sicky hat out of the bin, and then she walked into a pole #accidentprone.

We saw a flying pig flying out of the window, Emilie almost cried.

Day 2
By Esther, Lyra, Kiera, Katie, Millie, Erin, Chloe, Maddie, Jessica & Ellie.

We woke up WAY too early. The benefit of waking up was the chocolate cereal bars. Luckily, we were late so we were on the bus longer. Dean played Frozen (Build a Snowman) which hurt our ears.

We all enjoyed Dragonboat racing but it was freezing cold and windy. Dave was putting someone else life jacket on when a spider crawled on his hand and he flicked it off in the most girlish way. Dean was upset because he didn’t win Dragonboat racing. Mandy was on the naughtiest “person in the boat (not a child) step”. She was cheating in the races and was splashing everyone. She then got told off by the PGL Staff.

We liked the coastal walk because we did lots of different games and activities. The beach was fun, although Dean kept on throwing huge dead crabs at us, which made everyone run away. We convinced Andy to play the “scream race” with use.

On the way to the second swimming session Claire slept the whole way to the pool.

See ya 🙂

Day 3
By Lucas C, Toby, Alfie, Lucas P, Will, Harry, Fred, Ethan, Lewis, Joel, Ben and Zak.

Today was a fun day, there was lots of nice and joyful things to do.
This morning:
Group 1 and 2 – Keel Boating
Group 3 – Orienteering, Abseiling
Group 4 – Abseiling, Orienteering

Group 2
Keel Boating was pretty boring. The only fun part was tipping the boat up !!

Group 3
Orienteering was ok but abseiling was more fun. The most fun part was jumping down the wall. Orienteering people will learn North, East, South and West.

Swimming was tough with a beep test. Everyone thinks Dean is trying to kill us and I think he actually is. We got 19 new PBs.
When we got back everyone was about to lose their voices.
A funny moment was when Aimee fell out of the minibus and started to laugh.

This evening Ben Hunt had dance battles against people and lost to Zak.

[todays completely random blog]
Ethans dried grape/raisins. Ethan made a song called “dried grapes”. The lyrics were:
“Dried grapes from Africa
Dried grapes for me
Dried from Columbia
Dried grapes are nice”

Day 3: Another day, another year and another coach –  DONE !!

Day 4 Part I
By Andrew, Ben and Thomas

Hello, And this is Swindon Dolphin News (SDN). We had an usual morning (but Paula woke us up late).
Now for the Weather ! Highs of Force 3 and Lows of Force 1. No rain but the clouds are in the sky.
Now back to the News…
Oh News just in – there were sleeping coaches (swimming) on the way back !!!, and now for more details…
Another day, another coach asleep on the bus #peoplesleeponbus..well 3 of them. On the endless journey back from Keel Boat sailing. Spotted 3 coaches snoring away. How they got to sleep is beyond us.


Part II
By Ellie, Charlotte, Megan, Eloise, Sophie, Lily and Kerry.

Another day, another 6 o’clock start and off to the pool. It was a hard set and we were all close to our deaths but fortunately no one died. Eventually it was over and we were able to return to PGL for a well deserved breakfast.
This morning for breakfast toast was the favourite as there was long ques and all the bread was gone. An unnamed boy (beginning with Z), set the toast on fire but fortunately it was put out and PGL remains.

Group 1 & 2 – Abseiling was out first activity which was really fun. Coach Dean decided to have a go and the whole tower shook as he did a “tigger” motion down.

Group 3 & 4- Keel Boat sailing was this morning. Megan said it was fun and Ellie said her bum was wet ! The girls said that the best bit was when everyone sat on one side of the boat and it tipped (fortunately it did not tip over).
Lunch was not a favourite but it was still all eaten very quickly and not a scrap was left.

It the afternoon we all did climbing and rifle shooting. Climbing was very fun and the favourite so far. Most people made it to the top and they said it was very high. Rifle shooting was also very fun and exciting. Mandy shot a bullet and it bounced back and hit her in the face, but she is OK. Dinner was ok and most people enjoyed it.

Zak has lost his voice and his shoes, if you find them (ideally not his voice), please call 1234 123456.

Day 5 – picture highlights from Day 5 and during the week…