Meet Update ~ Masters and Senior Age Group Championships 2008

Sunday 26th October 16:00

All done for another year – full report to follow. All off to sit on the M1 car pak now and a beer before bedtime. Goodbye from Ponds Forge.

Sunday 26th October 15:30

Awesome swim from Sharna in the 200 Frs 2:14 and a gold medal.

Sunday 26th October 15:20

200 Frs – Andi has just split 49.97 on the 100 – broken the world record….again.

Sunday 26th October 14:19

Well into the afternoon session now. Only silver for Jon in the 200 IM – beaten by lane 8 – what a shocker! Not a bad swim from Jon – just and awesome swim by lane 8.

Sunday 26th October 12:20

Mens and womens 4 x 50 Frs relays done. 120+ age group boys missed British record by 1 second. Some good relay PBs though – Kath goes under 30 for the first time; Anthony goes 26.9.

Sunday 26th October 12:00

It’s a 1, 2, 3 in the top heat of the men’s IM – Andi 57.29, Jon 57.87, Chris 58.97. Also plenty of PB’s from everyone else.

Sunday 26th October 11:05

Now here’s something you won’t read about anywhere else – 800 Frs, last heat, Gabby Clark is timekeeping in lane 4 and she has just dropped the lap counter in the pool!

Sunday 26th October 10:12

Final day at the Pond and the 800 Frs is in progress. Four Dolphins going in this one – Alex Chklar, Andy Evans, John Drake and Helen Hanks.

Saturday 25th October 17:00

Second day over – medals this afternoon (excluding relays – still waiting on the results) were 5 gold (Andi, Jon, Doug, Louise, Nigel), 3 bronze (Alex, Kath, Sharna).

Saturday 25th October 16:31

By the way – that was another WORLD record from Andi.

Saturday 25th October 16:30

To a packed poolside, Manley does not fail to impress and goes 50.08 in the 100 Frs. Other PB’s too from Paul K, Mike E, Nigel M (finally!) and Jon (he thinks).

Saturday 25th October 15:40

Sharna and Claire are happy bunnies after going 1:02.08 and 1:01.87 in the 100 Frs. Heat 8 in the men’s 100 Frs – Manley in heat 33.

Saturday 25th October 15:20

Jon Boy 2:08.76 in 200 Fly – Dan Rose’s Club Record – well and truly gone.

Saturday 25th October 13:03

Haul from this morning’s swims – 1 x Gold (Nigel) 3 x Silver (Jose, Jon, 100+ Relay), 4 x Bronze (Anthony, Paul, Louise, 72+ Relay).
So, Nigel Masters currently leading in the medal tally (no PB’s though!). Audis yet to strike gold. Manley pulled out of this morning’s 100 Fly to focus on the 100 Frs this afternoon. Should be a good one – no pressure!
The Dolphin all time top 10 has also been hit in a few places. There’s plenty of Wilts Masters records also gone.

Saturday 25th October 11:02

Awesome swims from Paul K and Jon A in the 100 fly – 1:01.90 and 57.83.

Saturday 25th October 09:55

Round-up from last nights swims – 3 x Gold (Nigel Masters, Andi Manley, Kath Baker), 2 x Silver (Alex Chklar, Jon Audis), 2 x Bronze (Jose Adam, Sharna King).
400 Frs is underway now. 100 Fly, 200 Bks and 50 Brs later this morning.

Friday 24th October 19:20

First days play all over – some great swims – some OK swims. All looking forward to tomorrow. Anyone for an All-You-Can-Eat Chinese?

Friday 24th October 18:30

50 Frs and 200 Brs are done. A happy Lazered-up Nigel with a gold. Others not so happy(!) – that’s swimming.

Friday 24th October 17:25

Andi Manley swims 22.68 and matches the 30-34 year age group British record – yahooooo!
Sorry – that’ll be a WORLD RECORD then.

Friday 24th October 17:00

And they’re off. 50 Frs. Men in the left hand pool, women to the right. 17 heats for the women, 24 for the men. Slowest swimmer in the first mens heat has entered a 1:45 – mind you – he is 80.

Friday 24th October 15:58

Warm up about start for the evening session. All swimmers are on poolside – shaved and tapered and ready to go.

Friday 24th October 12:47

Warm-up for the 1,500 just finishing but there are no Dolphin swimmers in this event.  First action for the Swindon lot will be at 5pm with the 50 Frs, 200 Brs and 100 Bks.

Friday 24th October 12:00

Warm up for the first event starts. Cheap racing suits for sale on the Speedo stand – FSIIs @ £30 – better get in quick.