Meet Update ~ British Gas ASA Masters and Senior Age Group Championships (25m) 2010

Sunday 31st October 16:10

Another year over, finishing with the 4 x 100m freestyle…and a silver for the boys.  Goodbye for another year and hope to see more of you here poolside next year.  M1 here we come.

Sunday 31st October 15:00

200m breaststroke – Kath with an OK 2:46, Anthony with an OK 2:38, both missing their British Records by a few seconds.  Ah well – there’s always next year.  Some good 50 flys by John C 33. and Louise in 31.

Sunday 31st October 14:00

Final session about to start and we’re mixing it up a bit on the 4 x 50 mixed 120+ medley with Mike on the breaststroke with Sarah, Mike and Claire = fourth place.  A more conventional line up in the 72+ with Audis, Baker, Maynard and Thomas.  The usual changing of places as with any mixed relay gives them a good second place.

Sunday 31st October 13:00

4 x 200m freestyle mixed just finished…more of a tag event really with swimmers going all ways.

Sunday 31st October 11:30

Some good 100IM swims…Kath and Paul both finish on 1:08.43.  A PB and a gold for Kath…a bronze for Jose…and a silver for Jon.

Sunday 31st October 10:20

Richard Moorhouse has a new job…he’s giving out sweeties to the officials.

Sunday 31st October 10:15

The 800m freestyle is well underway but no Dolphin interest in this one.  4 x 50m medley relays follows.  Just waiting for Paul and Mike (aka Hung and Over) to arrive and we’ve got some teams.  John Drake appears to be OK this morning having suffered at the hands of an overenthusiastic masseuse yesterday that left him black and blue…now that will take some explaining.  Ooo…bronze for Sharna last night in the 400m freestyle.

Saturday 30th October 18:00

Third session of the day and a relay race worth waiting for in the 4 x 100 mixed medley.  Jon gives a nice lead in a 58. and Lou hold it (just) in a 1.19.  Matt has a to and fro tussle in the fly before Kath takes over for the last leg just trailing in second.  She’s a metre up after 25 and it looks to be game over and a win for Dolphin, but the GB Police team have other ideas as their man starts to make his move from several metres back.  Kath hangs on with a fine 61. that the GB Police cannot beat even with their 51. anchor man.  Another gold in the bag.

Saturday 30th October 16:30

4 x 100m mixed freestyle relay 72+ …pretty much in last place on the first few legs but Tanner and Thomas bring it back for a good win.

Saturday 30th October 15:40

Katie Hislop (trains with us, swims with Combined Services) falls in at the start of her 50 free.  Oops.  A bit of a combined effort there with Richard Moorhouse starting!!

John Cholod finds the turn end with his feet again with a good 28.68

Saturday 30th October 15:30

Kath feeling the pain in the 200 IM…but gets another gold.  Paul “1 session a week” Kirk finds a 26.0 in the 50 free…must be happy with that.

Saturday 30th October 14:15

200m Freestyle now.  Not many Dolphins in this one.  Very few in fact.  OK…only one…Sharna who is currently on poolside eating her goggles.

Saturday 30th October 13:00

Afternoon session begins with the 4 x 50 freestyle mixed relays.  Not a bad show with a few medals.

Saturday 30th October 11:15

A happy Anthony in the 100 breast…not a PB at 1:13.2 but still OK…roll on the 200 tomorrow.

4 x 50m freestyle relay up next…we’ll see if Mr Cholod can make contact with the wall this time!

Saturday 30th October 10:05

The real Duel in the Pool (Paul -v- Mike aka Slow and Slower) go head to head in the 400IM.  Mike just has the edge over Paul with a respectable 5:36.

Saturday 30th October 09:00

Day 2.  Breakfast at Ponds Forge and all ready to go.  John Cholod has spent an hour in the competition pool on his turns having touched with his toenails in yesterday’s 100 free (“should have been a 1:02” he claims).

Friday 29th October 20:00

The end of a good evenings swimming.  A few medals.  Girls 4 x 100m medley relay won by a country mile.  Boys 72+ made it to the start with seconds to spare and then got well and truly beaten by some young whippersnapper outfit from Derbyshire.

Friday 29th October 18:00

Freestyle over.  PB from Kath…small one…but a PB is a PB.

Friday 29th October 17:15

John Cholod is up first.  A 1:06 in the 100m freestyle…a 4 second PB but still a little disappointed.   That’s what this sport does for you…”I should have done better, and will do next time!”.

Friday 29th October 16:00

Tony Stratford is panicking already….need to get the relays in.  All done.

Ooo BTW Sharna missed her 1500m freestyle – forgot to re-register.  Oops.

Friday 29th October 15:00

Here we go again at Ponds Forge.   Over the past year we’ve swum, pulled, kicked, drilled, dived, been happy, been sad, whinged a little bit, but all ready to go.

Jonathan Audis
John Cholod
Anthony Clark
John Drake
Mike Eaton
Paul Kirk
Andi Manley
Mark Tanner
Matthew Thomas
Jose Adam
Kathleen Baker
Sarah Forbes
Claire Hayes
Sharna King
Louise Maynard

All signing in for a good weekend’s racing.