Executive Committee

Executive Committee Officers


Sarah Cook

Club Secretary

Jeanette Carter


position vacant

chairman@swindondolphin.co.uk clubsecretary@swindondolphin.co.uk treasurer@swindondolphin.co.uk

Executive Committee

Vice Chair

Dave Parker

Workforce Coordinator

Becky Hunt

Membership Secretary

Anthony Clark

volunteer@swindondolphin.co.uk Membership@swindondolphin.co.uk
Competition Secretary

Rachael Costello

Parent Liaison

M. Kadiri (MK)

  Assistant Treasurer

Gabby Clark

competition@swindondolphin.co.uk treasurer@swindondolphin.co.uk
COVID-19 Lead

Debbi Smithson

Merchandise Coordinator

Johnny Parker

Sponsorship Coordinator

Gerry Kane


Sub Committee Roles

Welfare Officer
Tracy Parker Joanne Paton
Disability Liaison Coordinator

Paula Rutherford

Open Water Secretary

Jason Tait

welfare@swindondolphin.co.uk disability@swindondolphin.co.uk jason.tait@swindondolphin.co.uk
Trophy Secretary

Michelle Gough

Sarah Watts

Water Polo Secretary

Andrew Strong

SwimMark Coordinator
Sarah Cook and Dave Parker
Social Secretary

Gerry Kane

Health & Safety Advisor

Tom Carter

Fundraising Coordinator

Gerry Kane and Joanne Paton