Meet Update ~ British Gas ASA Masters and Senior Age Group Championships 2009

Sunday 25th October 16:30

All done for another year. Lots of PBs, records and medals. Watch out for full report next week.

Sunday 25th October 16:10

50 breaststroke – Anthony is accused by his team-mates of gliding into the turn. This is denied by the swimmer as the bronze medal shows.

Sunday 25th October 15:20

Matt Rose takes JonBoy in the 100 freestyle on 53.49. Matt Thomas a 52.00 in the top heat.

Sunday 25th October 14:30

Championship Fact – if all the swimmers swam their individual swims as a relay on their entry times, it would take 8 day and 18 hours to complete.

Sunday 25th October 14:25

Just a reminder if you’ve not checked the results – Girls 72+ medley relay Gold (Sarah, Lou, Kath, Claire).

Sunday 25th October 14:20

Kath 6 second PB in 400IM but the Club Record still intact.

Sunday 25th October 12:30

Flyer in the mixed relay. No names…but it was on the backstroke to breaststroke. Team, in no particular order was Claire Hayes, Sarah Forbes, Nigel Masters, Jon Audis. You do the math.

Sunday 25th October 12:10

2:02 from JonBoy in the 200 backstroke off a comortable looking 59 at 100.

Sunday 25th October 11:20

Radio silence over. Nick pips Andy on the finish in a new Club Record of 8:56.02 – just 0.04 ahead.

Sunday 25th October 10:40

Nick and Andy on the blocks with 50m to go on the previous heat. Nick’s zip breaks. He comes back upstairs – Nigel and Jon come to the rescue and fix the zip just as the whistle blows to call them to the blocks….The race is stopped just in the “Nick” and Nick makes it to the block. The race is on!

Sunday 25th October 10:30

800 is still underway – Nick and Andy are STILL ready and waiting to go. High expectations for Nick who went through 800 in a 9:07 on the 1500. Nick lane 7, Andy the dreaded lane 10 that he fell in from yesterday. No pressure.

Sunday 25th October 09:40

800 freestyle – all bells and whistles!

Sunday 25th October 09:30

800 is underway – Nick and Andy ready and waiting to go.

Saturday 24th October 16:00

120+ relay boys just missed out on the WR. Just have to make do with a European I guess.

Saturday 24th October 15:50

Kath has just completed her fourth 200 of the competition with a 2:11 (out in a 1:03) in the freestyle.

Saturday 24th October 15:10

Anthony’s 200’s breaststroke – 2:34 (out in a 1:12) – quality – even though I say so myself!

Saturday 24th October 12:50

4 x 50 mens freestyle 120+ lowered their own British Record but just missed the World.

Saturday 24th October 12:05

Former Dolphin Chris Jones (that’s three Chris Jones’ in the building now) has just turned up. Swimming for us in the 4 x 50 mens relays in a WR attempt with Jon Audis, Nigel Masters and Andi Manley. Watch this space. Click here for British Swimming Biogs.

Saturday 24th October 12:00

200 IM and a 2:25 from Kath Baker, just off the Club Record but still a Gold Medal.

Saturday 24th October 11:50

100 backstroke. Mike Eaton a long way out on the first turn and pushes off with his big toe. Jon Boy 56.00 …PB…Club Record…the whole shebang – well, almost; really wanted the World Record at 54.82. Close, but no Domino’s pizza.

Saturday 24th October 11:05

Championship Fact – the start list includes two Susan Green’s, two Karen Brown’s and two Chris Jones’

Saturday 24th October 11:05

50 butterfly – good swims from Sarah – 32.59 and Paul – 27.94 (PB and county masters record).

Saturday 24th October 10:40

Nick’s 400 freestyle – 100 in 1:00, 200 in 2:07, finished on a 4:27. More work on BES me thinks.

Saturday 24th October 10:30

Andy Evans in the 400 freestyle…fell in…DQ…oops!

Saturday 24th October 09:00

Championship Fact – There are 970 competitors with a combined age of 39,209. Thats an average age of just over 40.

Friday 23rd October 20:00

Pizza Hut tonight…who serve a fine range of pasta and salads.

Friday 23rd October 19:20

100 breaststroke. Mike swam (a PB!!). Good swims from Anthony and Nigel, but bring on the 200 tomorrow.

Friday 23rd October 18:55

50 backstroke. Jon Boy happy. PB for Jose. Mike swam.

Friday 23rd October 18:30

200 butterfly. No boys brave enough. A 2 second PB for Kath Baker in the first of her 5 x 200’s.

Friday 23rd October 17:00

Evening session started with the 100IM. PB for Matt Rose. Jon swims exactly on his PB (freaky). Nigel glides into turns a lot. Mike and Paul swim. Hays swims (down).

Friday 23rd October 15:15

Good swim by Nick. All a bit cat-and-mouse with Neil Aguis (no relation – surely?) in the next lane and just misses out on a medal on the touch.

Friday 23rd October 14:00

First heat of the 1500m took 52 minutes – not bad for an 85 year old. At least it means Nik Suv gets a warm up.

Friday 23rd October 12:35

M1. Roadworks. Ah well, warm ups are for wimps…aren’t they?!?

Friday 23rd October 09:30

The youngest Dolphin competitor, Nick Southern, is the first to set off from Swindon. Warm up for the 1500 freestyle at 13:30 so plenty of time.