2014 UK Training Camp Weymouth

Day 1 by Kerry, Erin, Charlotte, Bea, Ella & Cerys

Today was havoc and very tumultuous as it was an extremely long drive to our PGL centre, it was awesome !!!

After unloading our bags at PGL, we then went to the beach where a seagull pooped on Oscar. Nearly all of us got soaked from the sea. We enjoyed ourselves and we got really tired.

After the beach we headed off to our first swim session. We swam at the Osprey Leisure Center. Unfortunately we arrived 30 minutes early so we had to wait in the lobby and in a small room. It was really fun.

Back at PGL, we had dinner and then we very carefully unpacked our stuff into our rooms. In the evening, we played this game called “clumpy” where we had to pretend to be a plane or something else where we had to get into groups of five.

Then we were given a map and a flag to find. Once we found our flag we had to answer the questions and report back to base. The top scoring team managed an incredible 13 points.

9:30 – time for bed….


Day 2 by Georgia, Luca, Matty, Calum, Maya, Hannah K, Hannah B and Cathy.

Today started with a wake up call at 6:00am, before heading off to the pool. We had to do a kick set, I found it fun but also hard. After swimming we headed back to PGL for breakfast. I had toast + sausages + beans. Following breakfast, we split into 4 activity groups, with groups 1 & 2 heading off to the sea for kayaking and groups 3 & 4 staying onsite for zip wire and air rifle shooting.

The kayaking was fun and most people capsized (Hannah capsized 8 times) and complained the water was too cold – but we really enjoyed it. Feedback from the shooting “I did shooting and scored lots!!” The zip wire was more exciting as you had to jump into mid air to start. But when you finished, you had to drop a rope and unclip yourself to get down 10ft from the wire.

After the morning activities we stopped for lunch, Baggett’s with various fillings (egg, chicken, turkey, cheese) before starting the afternoon activities. Groups 1 & 2 did archery while Groups 3 & 4 did fencing. In the archery we played a game of which team could shoot the colours on the target in order.

After the afternoon activity session, we headed off to the pool for our second swim session of the day before dinner. Dinner was a choice of fish finger and chips, chilli concarne and rice or vegetarian curry. In the evening we had an Olympic challenge in the basket ball court. A mixture of relays, football, acting and playing around. It was amazing and the Spain team won (although Australia team should have won).

9:30pm – time for bed and everyone is getting a little tired now.


Day 3 by Bethany, Jake, Louise, Amber, Regan, Kate, James and Harry.

To wake us all up the coaches decided to make us wear t-shirts and shorts (much to the delight of the swimmers). After this grueling set, the girls managed to escape their press-ups from last night – Dean failed to realize this (you’re welcome Amber & Louise ), we’re now calling Louise Baedo 😉 😉

Once we’d all fuelled up from breakfast, our group (Group 1) had to do zip wire. It was all fun and laughter – even if some people didn’t enjoy the height part. The next activity scheduled was rifle shooting. As the game went on there were 3 clear naturals, Jake (the whale), Dean & Baedo. Dean kicked ass and got a new PGL record. Special congrats to Kate for hitting the target once !!! We then went for lunch.

All of the swimmers decided they were tired after the mornings t-shirts & shorts set, so they decided to sleep on the bus. They didn’t realize what a shock they were in for. THE BEEP TEST (aka 100m test set starting on 2mins and reducing each turnaround by 2 seconds). Special shout out to James who managed a total of 26x 100’s before then stopping (he was still under the turnaround so probably could have done a couple more). I got 13 (I’m Beth), Amber got 16, Harry 16, Jake 22, Louise 20, Regan 21 and Kate 17. Well done to Annie who was the best girl finishing on 23x 100’s.

We’ve just had dinner and are now heading down to the camp fire. When we all got there, team missionary (our new nickname) killed the songs, especially Bethany and Regan’s rendition of “have you ever seen a penguin come to tea”. But overall, the best bit was Louise’s ghost story.

Today has been the best day so far, and also the best blog (written by us)


Day 4 by Jasmine, Juliette, Mia, Ellie, Livvy, Morgan and Madeleine

We got up at 6:00am. We did a really hard set. Loads of people got out because they felt really ill. Then we went straight to the Olympic rings and ate breakfast which was bacon rolls.

At dragon boating we raced each other (red, blue and gold boats). Every time the blue boat won, red boat came second and gold boat came third. The blue boat were the best – as you can see they came first every time. We all enjoyed it as much as each other. Then we came back for lunch which was jacket potatoes.

Harry is a wizard and he is magic.

After lunch, most people were still really tired (and still are). Then we went on the trapeze. It was high but we did it because we’re top-notch g’s.

Then we did quad biking and found that most of us can’t drive. Some of us abseiled and Ellie was sick at it [editors note – this means good] #abseiler. Mia was very good at abseiling as well ’cause she is cool. #coolbeans, #lyf, #EllieHadADeadShoulder, #GetOnMyLevel

Camp Staff Update : “Lost & Found”

Found : 3x teeth

Lost : 1x voice

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Day 5 by Gemma, Sophie, Denice, Annie

Our last and final day at PGL in Weymouth !

Everyone was extremely happy that it was our last early morning session in the pool after a full on week of hard training. This morning we had a quick warm up then we got the massive inflatable out. The inflatable was “sick”. Best session of the week !

Quad biking was one of the activities the to older groups had. Annie was pretty much the sum up of the activity – crashing about 11 times. It was great fun. Jake, James and Louise were classed as the best drivers but we thought Annie and Sophie were.

The other activities the older groups did was rock climbing. Climbing was awesome. There were wasps on the climbing frame and Miles didn’t like this – but we had a laugh. Love you Miles !!

Bye Bye PGL


Coaches / Team Managers comments to follow shortly…

Too many photo’s to include everything here, but these will be posted to our FB page soon !