Fuerteventura Training Camp 2009 ~ Update

Monday 13th April 03:00

Everyone on the bus at the Link on time – a good start.

Monday 13th April 16:00

Arrive at the hotel – everyone made it – an even better start.

Monday 13th April 18:00

An “easy” session to start with.  That’ll be easy, windy and rather mild.

Tuesday 14th April 07:00

First hard land and pool session.  A bit warmer and less windy than the previous evening.  Everyone swimming “OK” shall we say.

Tuesday 14th April 19:00

First full day’s training over. Quite a bit warmer today and a few suntans starting…..except where swimming hats cover the forehead – very funny! A nice touch today in the afternoon session – 800m of alternating 50’s back to front – all in aid of that all over tan….or maybe that wasn’t quite the idea?!?

Wednesday 15th April 18:45

Another day, another 11,000m in the bank.  Top tip for the day – don’t try to swim fast backstroke in an open air pool if you’re not a backstroker….very hard lane-ropes…very sore hands.  Fastest swimmer today was Mel Agius – 15.0s over 30m from a push….striaight down the water slide of course……STOP PRESS….after a stewards enquiry, fastest swimmer down the slide was actually Kathleen Baker in an astonishing 14.5s….well done Kath.

Wednesday 15th April 21:00

Mark Tanner and John Drake (Tarzan) took part in a “Name That Tune” event at the hotel. This initially involved some “Spot the Intro” type questions, but soon progressed to dancing on stage. Tanner’s hip wiggle won the day and the boys walked off with a bottle of bubbly.

Thursday 16th April 10:00

Looks like the dirty tricks have started.  Here we see Gary having just carried out one of his many carefully planned schemes.

By the way – we are all training hard – all this is just the fun stuff!!!!!

Thursday 16th April 17:00

A good threshold set this afternoon followed by half an hour of spinning with Mark in charge. Sweat flying everywhere – lovely!!

Friday 17th April 21:00

What a day….wake, swim (hard!), breakfast, reeeeeesssssst & lunch, swim (slightly less hard), run, volleyball, basketball, fooood, sleep. Goodnight.

Saturday 18th April 19:00

Half a day today – just one session in the morning. Mini Golf after breakfast and then either sun worshipping, golf or rock climbing in the afternoon…..then 15 minutes of freezing cold fun and games in the sea.

Sunday 19th April 19:00

All got dressed up and went out for a meal last night – plenty of pleasant chat rather than the usual “get as much down you as you can” type thing!

Eat as much as you can……..

By the way, today’s interesting activity was swimming half way to South America (and back again)….or so it seemed.

Monday 20th April 10:00

Last full day today – 2 swimmers late for training this morning = 200 press ups each.
This is probably the last update from Fuerteventura….the place where the sun shines from dawn ’till dusk….where nobody can escape the sun….where everyone is as bronzed as Mr Bronze from Bronzetown.

Or are they????