2015 UK Training Camp Weymouth – daily blog

PLEASE NOTE : The following blog is unscripted and written by the swimmers.

Day 1 Megan, Maya, Charlotte, Alice, Cieran and Ethan.

We arrived at PGL around 12:15 on the “Party bus”, with Dean driving. We were listening to Abba and combine harvester. After arriving at PGL we went to the beach and ate lunch. We were all having bad hair days. We then did our first swim session, which was only an hour and very easy (don’t tell the coaches). Then we came back and had tea, which was either sheppards pie or chicken in tomato sauce. It was very nice ! Donoughts and jelly were for pudding. After, we came back and had our hour free time. For late evening activity we had an orienteering activity, which was also geography. That took us to 9 o’clock and then we went to bed and fell asleep very quickly.


Day 2 Cerys,Lucy, Madeleine, Caitlin, Olivia, Aimee and Bea.

Food glorious food! Yummy yummy yummy in my tummy! Lots of food – today was English brekkie, baguettes for lunch and fish fingers and chips or curry and chilli con carne and rice and lots of bread and salad. Me and Lucy the bread monsters.

Today we did lots of activities and my favourite activity was the giant swing. This was my favourite activity because it was really fun and really high. I cried because it went so high and my stomach went funny, it was awsome!

Today was the beginning of an hour and a half of swimming twice a day. We got up at 5.30am for a 6.30am start. I am really enjoying the early morning swim but I absolutely hate the afternoon session!!!

Today was fun but I really wanted to do more activities. I think that we did too much swimming but today was fun and I loved the giant swing the most (but the food was lush).

Today at PGL group 1 and 2 did some archery and we played some games, I got 3 yellows and so did Cerys. We played one game and we had to score as many points as possible and Sharon won!



Day 3 Mia, Aleshya, Kate, Hannah K, Hannah B, Jasmine, Juliette and Zoe.

We are tired….and Mia is dead. This mornings session we had to do 12 x 200m – it was far from fun ! After breakfast we all had a go at street surfing. Aleshya and Kate are pros, unlike Mia and Hannah B who spent the hour and a half gossiping. But no body does it like Juliette ! #Banter.
Then we moved onto the zipwire where Kate cut her hand 🙁 It was the best activity but everyone bar Aleshya disliked the running to take the rope back #Effort #Wehateit
Lunch was decent , afterwards we all went to portland (waste of time) it was very cold ! Which brings us on to the dreaded session of death. It was the beep test (dun dun dun). We all did over 15 luckily we are still alive, however Mia is on her last legs. Please text 07431584672379211711347986 and donate £2 to the Mia foundation, it will really make a difference.
Although the tragedy was over, Dean made us do a fast kick set, it hurt 🙁
Dinner was chicken goujons and you only got 3 if you went to serving area #2 unlike #5 giving out packets at a time.
We are currently eating sweets outside the shop waiting to do the evening activity, this will be the last from us, over and out.
#Byebye #Prayforus #dontforgettodonate








Day 4 Tia, Lyra, Esther, Olivia, Mackenzie, Marcie and Isabelle

It is day 4 at PGL. It was cold, wet and tiring.
Today we have done our early morning session and some PGL activities that included Trapeze, Rifles, Zipwire, Wall Climb and also Dragon Boat racing. There were 4 groups in this session which did three of these activties, and did them at different times.
Everyone in our group enjoyed Dragon Boating together, we enjoyed racing.
We learned many different techniques.


Day 5 Joel, James and Adam.

We got up at 5:30am to go swimming. We did the warm-up as we always do and did 1000m. After the warm-up, we then did some dives and then got out.

When we got out, Dean told us that we would be put into teams, there were 2 teams, Team 1 and Team 2. We had to start the race by jumping into the water (no diving), then swim to the end of the pool after doing some tumbles. We then had to get out and go across to the big inflatable and do another length across the inflatable.

After swimming, we came back to PGL and had breakfast before going to our first activity. The activity was Trapeze where we climbed up a pole before jumping off the top and trying to hit a ball. After Trapeze, we went to another activity called Street Surfing.

After the morning activities, we had lunch and went to our rooms to pack our bags before leaving for home.


Too many photo’s to include everything here, but these will be posted to the Swindon Dolphin FB page soon !